Monday, December 23, 2013

~My yoke is easy


   Sorry about not posting lately, our internet hasn't been working the greatest so that's why I haven't written in a while. This post was actually written about a week ago too. (Just to let ya know!)

  I just listened to an amazing story last week with my family. Have you ever heard of “Sir Knight of the Splendid Way”? Its done by Lamplighter. I was very touched and inspired by the many messages and points they bring out in this allegory. (I really like allegories. One of my favorites is “War for Mansoul.”)
  There were a few things in the story I couldn’t quite agree with but for the most part it was a very good story that brings out many aspects of the Christian life. The main one being the Vision of the face. In essence it is the vision we are given when we first turn over our lives to Christ. To serve, follow God and His ways, and then Lord willing, go to live with Him someday.
   In the story, the young knight Sir Constant is continually tempted and sometimes even led astray by the Black knight and his accomplices. When Sir Constant realizes he has fallen, he seeks to see the vision of the face of the king that he saw when he was first knighted.
   It made me think of my own life. I want to seek the vision of the face, but so many things come up to do, and places to go that I forget the real and most important thing: God placed me here to reflect and shine His light in order to bring others to Him.
   Another thing that really hit me from the story was that you can’t fight someone else’s battles for them. Yes, you can help prepare them, pray for them, and encourage them, (And you should be doing all that.) but you can not fight for them. It is ultimately up to them.
   I would very much encourage you to listen to it, except don’t go at it just to hear a story. Ask God to open your eyes to truths you haven’t seen before.
   Our lives are a spiritual battleground. Satan is after you. He will do ANYTHING to get you. In Sir Knight of the Splendid Way, the Black knight is always just around the corner waiting for Sir Constant. The problem is, he is always wearing a disguise. And in that same way Satan is trying to get YOU! Telling you to lie outright is a definite no-no for most Christians, so he gives you excuses and gets you to simply ‘stretch’ the truth. Satan will not give up on you simply because you name the name of Christ or because you have beaten him once before. It is a continual battle that you will always have, that is, unless you just give up and surrender to him.
   In their last battle, the Black knight tries to convince Sir Constant to give up by telling him “You are no match for me!” And I just LOVE Sir Constant’s very humble reply. “You are right. But in the name of the King, I can do all!” We like Sir Constant need to realize that we have no power over Satan, … on our own. The only way we have a chance is by trusting God and relying on His strength, not on our own. You know what? It is so much easier then. Jesus said in Matthew 11:30 “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
   Is your yoke easy? (No I’m not saying you won’t have trials, but if you know that God has them in your life for a reason, then you should be able to smile and thank God for them.)

    If your yoke isn’t easy, may I suggest that you’re trying to carry your burden on your own?