Wednesday, December 21, 2016

~Riding with Roy (movie)

We are back now, (YAY!) but I just put together this movie of when I got to ride with Roy. So check it out!

Monday, December 19, 2016

~Just as I am

I got a new CD by Lois and India Rasquinha called Consecration. It is amazing! I love it! All the songs really hit me and speak to my heart. So I thought I'd share my favorite (so far) from the CD.
So they sang the traditional "Just as I am" but have a chorus with it. I've never heard it before, maybe you have? It's beautiful!

I come broken to be mended
I come wounded to be healed
I come desperate to be rescued
I come empty to be filled
I come guilty to be pardoned 
By the blood of Christ the Lamb
And I'm welcomed with open arms
Praise God! Just as I am!

What songs really speak to you? 

Friday, December 2, 2016

~Arkansas (movie)

Hey everyone! We're currently in Arkansas visiting family and friends. I'm starting to miss my horses, but fortunately there are plenty around to see. (and ride) So I thought I'd post the video I did of riding the neighbor Roy's horse. I was really looking forward to seeing him and his horses again. I'm hoping to go over again today but currently am not feeling very well. So we'll see whether that happens or not!

Friday, November 18, 2016

~Sheika's 12th Ride (movie)

So I finally got some new videos of actually riding Sheika and put them together. At the time I had ridden her almost an hour, (which is longer than I've ever ridden her) and she was pretty much done. Fortunately she still did ok when Tash came out to video a little. Silly girl was definitely getting tired of it all and was very ready to get back to the boys!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

~Seek Me

I think it was just last week (or maybe two weeks ago?) when this happened. I was feeling like my cup was running out. And not in the overflowing way. Like the empty I need to be refilled kind of way. So I went for a walk so I could talk with God privately. I had a lot of questions. Any more I don't remember what they all were but I know what He answered. To the first question He gave a very distinct "Seek me." I thought "Ok that makes sense." So I asked Him another, and another, pouring my heart out to Him. Do you what He answered? Every time? Seek me. After about  4 or 5 questions with the same response you'd think I'd get the hint. (I'm a little denser than you might think.) I was just about to ask Him another when it finally struck me. You already have the answer. He's told you how many times now to seek Him! I seriously had to stop and laugh thinking how God must be feeling. I could almost imagine God sitting there with His hand under His chin. Him sighing and looking over at an angel standing by. "How many times do you think I'll have to tell her before she gets it?"
Thankfully that's just my humor! (I think!) But it definitely left me with an impression: No matter what I'm doing, or what I'm going through, seeking Him is always the answer! And I can still hear it:
Seek me

Monday, November 14, 2016

~Tips for haltering your horse (movie)

So Tash helped me video another movie and it turned out really good. Partially thanks to a friend for lending us his lens. I love it! Don't ask me what it is though. ;)

The movie...its just a few things I've learned along the way. Check it out and tell me what you think! Do you tie a rope halter the correct way?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

~Riding Kat (movie!)

So I finally got one done of Kat! Yes she's been pretty awesome lately. I'm very happy with her. I even figured out how to get a good lope out of her!
So enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


God has challenged me with a thought this week, well really its a question. Its stuck with me and most mornings I've been waking up with it.
So its just this:
  What are you going to do in order to become what God wants you to be?
And then this question always follows it up:
  What are you NOT going to do in order to be what God wants you to be?
It comes down to putting on and putting off. I have to choose, what am I going to do today to make this day count? What am I NOT going to do to make this day count? Maybe "do" isn't the right way to phrase it. Its more about how much attention am I going to put on God or how am I going to let distractions hinder me from my calling? Because yeah, we have life to live, but there has to be that balance. Sometimes I'm just trying to fit God in when its convenient. But that is so wrong! As Christians our focus needs to be on Christ and our lives should revolve around that focus. God shouldn't be our second thought, or our next priority. He should be our first!
  So, are you making that choice?
  Will you step out and make that choice?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

~What's up with Sheika

So I don't think I ever told y'all this but I haven't been doing much (as in riding) with Sheika for the last couple months. Not because I didn't want to but because we got her bred and thought she was pregnant (Vet thought so too) but apparently she isn't. I'm sort of relieved though because I am so ready to get back on her. I saddled her up the other day and let her graze while I did it. She didn't even notice I put it on her and never had a problem with it even though I haven't saddled her in months! Hopefully I can start riding her again soon. Very soon. I don't want to start rushing but also winter is coming and that really slows my riding down. An indoor arena would be awesome...

So y'all, this was her last year...

and this is her now... much difference? I think so!

 She is turning out more beautiful than I thought she would.

Silly little girl wasn't crazy about standing around. 
But she soon got over it.

Check out our short little video. I didn't edit or anything.

~Birthday pics with Sheika

Tash was awesome and took pics of me n Sheika for my birthday. 
(Even though she hates taking equine photos)

It was a bit challenging because Sheika didn't want to stand still for me!

But I think we still got some good ones.

One of my favorites!

Isn't she just too cute?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

~Godly families

Ok I may be coming across a little harsh, but I think I'm going to say this. Please bear with me.
 I really hate what I see happening to the family around me . Anymore a family consists of a set of parents and their children of 15 and under. It is generally unheard of for 16+ to ride to church with their family or even sit in the same pew. The youth are suddenly engrossed with their friends and lets not forget the youth group.
Families virtually have no testimony. There is no unity or even togetherness. At least not in a Christ centered way. (Yeah families can sit around a TV together) Is there even such a thing as family devotions anymore? Family meals? Family discussions?
We can't blame the youth for leaving. Really what have they been offered?
Where are the godly examples? Where are the families that are pulling together towards the goal of glorifying God and advancing His kingdom? Where are the families that are prepared to work together to help other hurting families?
Instead we send our youth out to work with other youth under another couple's guidance. Then that group of mixed youth are to be reaching out and helping others. Don't we see how backwards that is? Why did God even create families?
I realize here I am mostly talking to young ladies, and you may be thinking "I'm not a parent or a leader, how does this apply to me?" I want to encourage you: God put you in your family for a reason. For a specific reason. First, so that as a family you can learn to love, serve, and know Him. Then you can go out and show the world that God's ways work. A family dedicated to God, is something to be reckoned with. There is such contentment and peace in living and growing and working with your family, the way God wanted you to.
 My advice to you: embrace the family God gave you, and cherish the moments you have together.
So what can you do right now?
Seek God
Know God
Serve God
Love God
Share God!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

~My favorite chapter

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before but I really like Psalm 91. Especially the first two verses.I think verse two is the declaration of my heart.
"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress: my God: in Him will I trust."
Today there are so many uncertainties. So much fear and unrest. You may wonder if there is anywhere you can truly be safe and at peace. I'm here to tell you there is such a place, but its not a physical place you can go to.
When you are in the center of God's will, there is nothing that can touch you, except what He allows. There is peace and protection under His shadow, in that secret place. Not many people know about it. You have to search and go to God to find this place of protection. To put yourself totally in His control. And when you do that? He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find contentment. Its the safest place I know of.
 So, go read Psalm 91 and you'll see why I like it so much. Make sure to look for His promises at the end. God has declarations to those who are faithful to Him.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

~Birthday blessings

Yep I had another one! Another year older.
My family was so great!

Tash did a photoshoot of Sheika and me in the morning.
But she didn't edit them yet. :( 
Also Marcy n Jess made me a trail challenge through the woods. It was great, so check it out!
They all walked along to watch and Jess videoed it for me. 
So... enjoy! Can't wait to do it again!


This morning I was reading in Luke 6 and came across some verses. Quite frankly they make me uncomfortable.
Luke 6:22-23
"Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.
Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets."
I don't like the idea of people not liking me. I really don't like the idea of people hating me. I try to get along with everyone. To act in such a way that I am liked. But here Jesus said you are blessed when they hate you, when they run your name through the mud, when they put you away from themselves; for Jesus' sake. He doesn't even stop there. We are also to rejoice when it happens! And leap for joy! The last thing you feel like doing when people are persecuting you is rejoice. But that doesn't change the command.
Why rejoice though? I believe because rejoicing takes you into God's presence. And in doing that you have to see that God has a bigger plan. That He is allowing it for a reason. Also, it sets us apart as different. People expect you to be angry, to retaliate when they do something to hurt you. What a witness you can be when you turn away from the hurt, the pain, and the shame, and just rejoice. If you can allow God to help you do that, I believe He will also give you a heart to love, even the people who are hurting you.
So is this really about you, or is it about them?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

~I'm back!

Wow! It really has been a while! Don't worry, I'm still living, I just haven't been very active in blogging land!
 Honestly, for a while I either didn't know what to share or didn't have time to do it. I will endeavor to do so now.
A couple months ago I started putting my horse knowledge to good use by giving riding lessons. I now have 6 wonderful students who do their best to keep me challenged. Mentally and physically. And quite truly, the mental part has been the most demanding! When you become a teacher, you have to step back, evaluate and decide exactly what you believe in order to teach it. I have also come to the conclusion that riding is more mental than physical. If riding to you, is simply pulling left, pulling right, and pulling back, you have only scratched the surface of horsemanship. I have always told people that riding isn't easy and that it takes time to learn. In giving lessons I am almost overwhelmed by that fact! But God has also continued to prove to me that He is interested in the little things...even riding lesson plans.  And when I put them in His hands (along with the worries and stresses that go along with horses and inexperienced people) He works it out better than I could have imagined.
My younger students are especially challenging in their many questions. But then, because of those many questions it makes me think more and realize the areas I am lacking in or don't know enough about. Oh the joys of having to stay ahead of your students! They really do help to push me on further in my learning and thinking.

I have to say, y'all who don't ride are really missing out! Looking back I've learned so much in my journey with horses. Patience being the #1 thing. Also perseverance, dedication, confidence, how to be a good leader, the detriment and dangers of frustrations and anger, to be safe, and not take unnecessary risks. I could go on, but I better stop there. I'm sure you get the idea.  But let me be clear, all these came from God. He simply uses horses to bring these lessons about in my life. Yes, I am a horsewoman. But first and foremost I am a daughter of the one true King. So I try to filter my view and relationship with horses through my understanding of Him, not my love for horses.

 Just had to put on some pix of Sheika I took today.
Can you see her blaze? Hopefully I will have a post about her soon. Hopefully.

Friday, June 10, 2016

~His Plans

I wanted it written and planned out. To be able to see ahead and know what's coming. I thought there would be security in understanding the future. But I didn't know. My life felt like an open road map with roads and highways running in every direction, and no idea which to take. Noticing a book lying before me, "My Life Plans" I opened it up. It was empty. The open lines stared back at me as if calling to fill them in. So taking up my pen, I started in. First went in my desires and dreams. They started little but steadily grew with each page till my desires had taken up half the book. Finally I set my pen down with a feeling of accomplishment. What plans I had for myself! I started leafing through the empty pages, thinking of what great things I would write in next. But as I reached the very last page, something caught my attention. A picture of a simple black and white cross held me there. As I gazed at it a voice echoed in my heart "But I had plans for you." Suddenly the truth of it hit me. What had I done? I flipped over to the first page I had written and started to read it again. I felt wretched. Miserable. I had taken God's place, demanding my way and not seeking His. My dreams and desires were all about me. What I could gain. What I could accomplish. How utterly selfish. Turning back to the cross, my heart started breaking. He gave everything for me. What more could I do than give Him my life? Lifting up "My Life Plans" I surrendered them to Him. Grabbing a hold of those horrid pages, I tore them from the book, leaving only empty pages once again.  The torn binding would forever be a reminder of my selfish desires. Then and there, I laid down  my pen along with my will, and gave them over to my more than capable creator.

Just Rest and be Still

The path ahead lies unknown
With twists and turns I can't see
Waiting and waiting it seems 
I wonder what God has for me
Impatience runs on ahead
To get a quick glimpse and scan
But God then so gently chides
"Just wait Child, for my perfect plan" 
Desire is there dreaming
Of what the future may hold
It goes right ahead wishing
The dreams that aren't mine to unfold
I cry and I cry "Lord help!
I want to wait for your will!"
Then God so gently replies
"My Child, just rest and be still"


Sunday, May 22, 2016

~Not so great, but it's life

The other day I was working Sheika and asked Tash if she would come out and video a bit...but unfortunately Sheika wasn't doing the greatest because all the horses were at the other end of the pastures and she was working on having a complex. Ok she wasn't terrible. She just wasn't listening like she should. So I was kinda hesitant to put these on and show y'all but...I guess I will. Thats life right? We can't be perfect all the time. ;D (That was just a joke.) So here is Sheika's most recent video.
Note to self: don't lunge while wearing spurs.
I caught myself all up at least once! I was like "For pity sakes!" Do you know how to lunge or not? I guess I don't usually wear spurs when I lunge.
I also rode Kat and she did really good. I even got her to sidepass over a little log that was directly parallel to her. Not down the log but all four feet stepping sideways over it. I had never tried that before.
So that's some of what I've been up to.
Anybody been riding much lately?

Monday, May 2, 2016

~Prove it~

I love the quote:
 "If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you."

I hope it makes you think. Nowadays it seems that as long as you go to church occasionally and try to live a relatively moral life, you're going to heaven! Unfortunately, I've never seen that in the Bible.
It does matter how we live. Our relationship with God is the most important thing. We can't just be good enough. We need to be holy, we need to be sanctified. Everything just keeps coming back to sanctification.
Sanctification: To make free from sin; to set apart as holy; to consecrate
So, if I am sanctified:
I will be set free from the power of sin, and walking in newness of life.
I will be set apart as holy, not conforming to this world.
I will be consecrated, not living for myself, but for God.
Living a sanctified life is living in a way that radiates God's power to everyone around you. People won't have to ask whether you're a Christian, they'll know!
Now I'm not saying you have to be perfect, always loving, always forgiving, never falling, never failing... no. Those things will happen because we are human and our natural inclination is to sin. But we don't have to be held by that. We need to be changing, not perfectly, but increasingly. Always moving upward and onward to a new and better relationship with God.

If your faith hasn't changed you
           It hasn't saved you.

Friday, April 22, 2016

~My dear daughter

My dear Daughter,
  I am for you. I stand ready, willing and completely able to help you overcome your struggles.
You don't realize the many times when you are facing temptations, I am there cheering you on towards victory. I cry too when you fail and fall back into sin, but I am always, always there encouraging you to stand and try again. I love you and have great plans for you. Believe that and live like you believe it!
Your Heavenly Father 

Monday, April 18, 2016

~Prisoner by choice

The cell was dark and dreary. In the corner sat a girl. She did not look unhappy, but almost content; which is strange for someone in her position. Actually, she seemed oblivious to the chains that held her captive. Their names were fear and bitterness. She had grown rather fond of them. They were her constant companions. 
But one day, there was a rattle and a clinking of locks, and the cell door swung open. A man stepped in. He had such a kind look and way about Him.  
"Dear child," He spoke "I've come to tell you that I've paid to redeem you, and if you'll only come and follow me, you are free."
The girl looked around her, very confused. Then slowly she shook her head.
"I'm sorry, but I'd rather stay here. You see this is all I know, and it really isn't all that bad. I'm sure it would be too hard to leave all this behind."
The man grew very sober and tears welled up in His eyes. 
"It is your choice." He said then quietly left. 
She sat there for only a brief moment before turning back to her familiar world of fear and bitterness, not even caring that the cell door had been left open. Gradually, little by little, the door closed till it was once again shut and locked.
When would it open again? Would it ever?

Ok this may seem a little silly. Why in the world would anyone turn down an opportunity to freedom? Unless of course they didn't know the true bondage they were in. It makes me think and wonder "What things are in my life that I am in bondage to? That I am not willing to give up?" Are there areas in your life that you just wish you could have victory over? You can! If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, the cell door is open! You have to accept it and let it change your life so that you can walk through the door and into true freedom. You have the power through Jesus Christ to overcome any sin and to triumph over any stronghold.

He is the way
He is the truth
He is the life

Saturday, March 26, 2016

~Update on Sheika

Well I can finally say she did something. As in something she wasn't supposed to do!
  I was riding Sheika a week or two back (I always do all the groungwork first) and asked her to go into the canter and she started into few little lurching buck/hops. Not very big and not much but I wasn't expecting it and it caught me a bit off guard. I was riding two handed at the time and have a habit of NOT grabbing the horn so I ended up riding it out with just the reins! So the next time I had Marcy lunge me on Sheika so that I could hold onto the horn with one hand and the reins with the other. Annnnddd she did it again. Except it was a big bigger and higher this time. I was really glad for that horn and my right arm was super sore for several days.
 Back to Sheika. I don't think she is mad or anything like that. Something was scaring her when ever I asked her to go into the canter. Quite frankly though it is very small bucking compared to most young horses. The second time she did it we worked a bunch at the trot and then tried again for the canter. I decided I wasn't quitting that day till I got her successfully into the canter. And we did!
The last time I rode her, I think it was Monday, she did A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I did all the groundwork tacked up first and decided to lunge her a bunch at the canter before I rode so she would be completely prepared for when I ask her. So I rode her around in the arena, walk, trot, and I got to a place where I could feel she was ready to go on, I kissed, and she went right into the canter with no hesitation! I was ecstatic! We did several laps that way then stopped for a breather and went the other way. Jess even got it on video! So I feel like that might have been a bit of a break-through, but I won't be surprised if there are more bucks to come. Clinton always says you have to ride the bucks out of them. I would prefer that she never had to buck but I can't expect perfection from her, Because I'm not perfect! Hopefully I'll get some pictures riding her soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

~A banquet for none

There He sat. Alone, except for the few attendants that stood ready at the edge of the banquet hall. The immense table was filled to overflowing with an unending supply of food; yet no one was there to enjoy it. Still the King waited; eyes on the door anticipating the arrival of a weary subject come to be filled at His table. But no one came. After a while the doors opened and in stepped a page. He walked very humbly over to where the King sat, but could hardly bring himself to look at His Lord.
  "You have news?" the King asked quickly.
The young page wet his lips before replying.
  "Your Majesty...they said they have no need of your banquet." he stopped seeming uncomfortable to go on.
  "They say they are quite content with scraps from the garbage."
The King sat there making no reply. Taking this as his dismissal, the page bowed low and quickly left.
  A single tear slid down the King's face. Then another and another till sobs wracked His whole body.
  One by one the attendants slipped out of the hall, not being able to bear seeing their Lord so hurt and rejected. The last thing they heard as the doors swung shut  was the agonizing plea of 
  "Oh my children! You don't know what I have to offer!"

I have to admit, too often I am content with the scraps and leave my Lord waiting alone at the table. I think "Well I read a few verses and I'll try to remember something from it through out the day."
And God is just like "I have so much to offer you! Joy overflowing, love beyond measure, and peace that passes your understanding. But you have to come to me for it."
Too often I am too lazy or think that I don't have enough time right now. I don't have enough time NOT to! I don't realize how much it truly hurts God when I don't come to Him. He doesn't mourn for Himself, He mourns for what I am missing out on. We can't afford not spending time with Him.
I have to remind myself that its not the quantity of time, its the quality of time!
Is spending time with God your number 1 priority?
Do you do it out of desire or demand?

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Is it hard for you to enjoy reading your Bible? It is for me...sometimes. Most times it seems I do it out of duty and not desire. Satan likes to tell me: its boring, they're old stories, you've read it all before. But how will I get to know God unless I put forth the effort? I WANT to read my Bible, but there always seems to be something else to do.
So I want to share with ya'll a few things I do to help myself understand His word and kind of get myself more interested.

1. Find some verses where God is speaking and put your name in there so He is speaking specifically to you.
2. Pray verses, pray chapters. Change the wording a bit so it is you speaking to God.
3. Look up the words that are confusing. See what they really mean.
4. Rewrite special verses so that they apply to you.
Something for you: Make an inspiration wall
  Write up some meaningful verses or quotes and arrange them on a wall where you will see them often. (I have one right next to my bed.) Change them after a while when you have them all memorized.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

~Snow snow snow...

Hey ya'll! A while ago I was waiting and waiting for snow. We were starting to feel like winter had missed us. Well not anymore. We got several snows now in the last few weeks and well...I'm ready for spring.
The horses have been doing really good in it though and I rode 5 times in the first two days of snow we had. I was really looking forward to pulling my sisters around in the snow with the horses and also to try snowboarding or skiing behind a horse.

The first day we rode in the snow it was so deep we ended up riding up and down the road in front of our house, which was plowed but still had snow covering it. It was so fun since we hardly ever ride on our rode.

Normally people drive anywhere from 55 to 65 on it, so it is not very safe for horses. I've done it a few times but found out that some people just ignore you and buz right on by without slowing much or giving me extra room. So yeah I don't like riding on roads much.

But since hardly anyone was out driving we rode the whole way to the end of our road which is somewhere around a mile and a half from our house. I rode Dunny and pulled Jess on a sled and Marcy rode Hank. It was an awesome experience. Mostly we walked or trotted but on some on the more level spots we cantered. There was always that thought in the back of my mind "What if we hit an icy spot?" but we didn't really have any problems. I don't think I give our horses enough credit for what they can do. They are so much more athletic than I think they are.

I love to snowboard and had seen some skijoring movies so I decided to try except with my board cuz I'm a lot better with that than I am with my skis.

Dad was so sweet and came out to pull me. It was actually harder than I thought. I think it was because it was plowed but still really bumpy.

Also I did a medieval dress-up with Kat which was so fun. Yes I still like dressing up. Hehe!

It was really deep though, most places the snow was up to Kat's knees. She was very ready to get back to the barn, which didn't help in taking pictures. She was always moving! We had Hank along to keep her company but patience has never been her strong suite.

                       Note to self: Need to work on getting Kat some patience.

All in all I have had some very good times in the snow with the horses, but I'm ready for spring! And grass, and warmer weather, and dry ground, and no mud, and...etc. (End of thinking capacity.)
 But I'm also reminded of the verse "In everything state I am, therewith to be content." So I will try to be content till spring and maybe even be thankful for all the snow we still have!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

~What is love?

Girls there is no man out there who can fulfill you. He doesn't exist. You see, when God created you, He left out a piece. From the day you were born you had an empty spot.
So many people go around trying everything they can to fill the emptiness. But things won't fill it. Pleasure won't fill it. Love won't fill it. There is only one answer and one way. It's through God. He holds the missing piece. He alone can fill it. He alone can satisfy. And He has the missing piece ready and waiting for you!
Oh He wants to give it to you! He wants you to have it!
But until you take your eyes off the feelings, emotions, things, and pleasures, He will be waiting. I don't know how long He'll wait. Only He does. Please don't keep Him waiting.
Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Is love just a feeling or a big red heart
A couple fondly kissing just before they break apart
Is love security from rejection and pain
In hopes that loneliness won't come creeping round again
Is that really love? Our culture seems confused
Because that's not the way that God shows its viewed
In the book of first John chapter four and verse eight
He spells it out clearly and quite plainly states