Friday, June 10, 2016

~His Plans

I wanted it written and planned out. To be able to see ahead and know what's coming. I thought there would be security in understanding the future. But I didn't know. My life felt like an open road map with roads and highways running in every direction, and no idea which to take. Noticing a book lying before me, "My Life Plans" I opened it up. It was empty. The open lines stared back at me as if calling to fill them in. So taking up my pen, I started in. First went in my desires and dreams. They started little but steadily grew with each page till my desires had taken up half the book. Finally I set my pen down with a feeling of accomplishment. What plans I had for myself! I started leafing through the empty pages, thinking of what great things I would write in next. But as I reached the very last page, something caught my attention. A picture of a simple black and white cross held me there. As I gazed at it a voice echoed in my heart "But I had plans for you." Suddenly the truth of it hit me. What had I done? I flipped over to the first page I had written and started to read it again. I felt wretched. Miserable. I had taken God's place, demanding my way and not seeking His. My dreams and desires were all about me. What I could gain. What I could accomplish. How utterly selfish. Turning back to the cross, my heart started breaking. He gave everything for me. What more could I do than give Him my life? Lifting up "My Life Plans" I surrendered them to Him. Grabbing a hold of those horrid pages, I tore them from the book, leaving only empty pages once again.  The torn binding would forever be a reminder of my selfish desires. Then and there, I laid down  my pen along with my will, and gave them over to my more than capable creator.

Just Rest and be Still

The path ahead lies unknown
With twists and turns I can't see
Waiting and waiting it seems 
I wonder what God has for me
Impatience runs on ahead
To get a quick glimpse and scan
But God then so gently chides
"Just wait Child, for my perfect plan" 
Desire is there dreaming
Of what the future may hold
It goes right ahead wishing
The dreams that aren't mine to unfold
I cry and I cry "Lord help!
I want to wait for your will!"
Then God so gently replies
"My Child, just rest and be still"


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  1. Wow Heather that is powerful! thanks so much!! God has such awesome plans for us if we only rest and let Him work!!