Sunday, May 22, 2016

~Not so great, but it's life

The other day I was working Sheika and asked Tash if she would come out and video a bit...but unfortunately Sheika wasn't doing the greatest because all the horses were at the other end of the pastures and she was working on having a complex. Ok she wasn't terrible. She just wasn't listening like she should. So I was kinda hesitant to put these on and show y'all but...I guess I will. Thats life right? We can't be perfect all the time. ;D (That was just a joke.) So here is Sheika's most recent video.
Note to self: don't lunge while wearing spurs.
I caught myself all up at least once! I was like "For pity sakes!" Do you know how to lunge or not? I guess I don't usually wear spurs when I lunge.
I also rode Kat and she did really good. I even got her to sidepass over a little log that was directly parallel to her. Not down the log but all four feet stepping sideways over it. I had never tried that before.
So that's some of what I've been up to.
Anybody been riding much lately?

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