Monday, August 26, 2013

~Take them to Jesus

Oh, this morning was beautiful! I just love it when its sunny WITH a breeze. I was sitting inside thinking how much I really needed to go outside and ride a certain horse. You know how it is when you get that feeling in your gut that tells you "You're being lazy" or "You need to go ride!" Ok most of you probably don't feel that second one! Even for how much I hate that feeling and want to procrastinate, I also love it because then I know I have a conscience.
 So I went out and got my aunt's thoroughbred/quarter horse gelding out. He's a very good looking bay, great mover. So your probably wondering "Why don't you want to ride him?" Well there are two main reasons that come to mind 1. He hasn't gotten nearly as much training as should've over the past couple years. 2. He's very energetic. Put just those two things together and you have a slightly out-of-control ride. (Not fun, lots of hassles, and dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.) With him I pretty much stick to the arena unless someone is with me.
Anyway today I was working on the dreaded gate. (For him.) Oh yeah, his name's Prince. Forgot to mention that. Prince has had some bad experiences with gates before where people have pushed him too hard. So now when he gets near gates he gets all worked up and his brain shuts down. Even though I'm not a horse I can relate to him in that area. I had people in my life who pushed me too much or expected me to do more than I felt I was able to do, so I would shut down on them. But unlike Prince I now know how to deal with it! I can take all my frustrations, all my pain, hurts, burdens or cares, and simply give them to Jesus. I can't just say "Jesus come take these away." I have to go to him and say "I don't want these burdens, You don't want me to have these burdens, so please take them from me. I release them to You." It is something I have to consciously do. But I have to let go of them. Its also not a one time deal. (No I shouldn't be falling back on the same thing over and over again.) So from then on I need to do the same thing with other wrong feelings that come up. Envy:give it to God. Self-pity:give it to God. In doing this I am acknowledging that these feelings are wrong and they are sin that I don't want in my life.

Did you know that I'm not the only person who feels like this? I know lots of people who feel they aren't good enough... Do you also know that we are the ones making them feel like that? When you are working with someone...lets say...a sibling and you are explaining something and they are totally not getting it, the worst thing you can do is get frustrated with them. That is a prime opportunity for Satan to jump in and say "You're not good enough." and in that situation they are most likely going to believe him.
When I'm working with Prince trying to open and close the gate, he gets worked up. Right there I have two choices. 1. To get frustrated and push harder. 2. Back off and work slower. Now if I would get frustrated with him he would sidepass away, throw up his head, or he would go into backup mode where he just backs. That is his body language screaming at me "I don't get this! There's too much pressure! I can't handle it!" Now back to human terms if something like this would have happened to me as a person, a few years ago, I would've either zoned out after the person finally decided just to do it themselves instead of trying to get me to understand, and went into my own depressed little world or I would have went and cried somewhere, wondering why I was so stupid. So please if you see someone is hurting, don't just write them off as troubled emotional people. Go to them listen to them. (Most times they feel no one wants to listen to them.) Take them to Jesus. Show them that you care, but that he cares so much more and can take away the pain. Help them to see there is a way. One way. His name is Jesus.

Monday, August 19, 2013

~My Destiny

This song has been a terrific inspiration to me. I find when I'm feeling down on myself or discouraged I can turn and claim the truths in this song. (Songs and poetry touch my heart like nothing else. Except God.) This song so well depicts what God thinks about His children. Are YOU one of His? If you are, this is how he views YOU!
     YOU are chosen! New creation! Trophy of His grace! Do you claim that, or are you still wallowing in unbelief and lies that Satan hurls at you? Satan will tell you: you are not worthy, not good enough, and that you will never measure up. The truth may seem a bit startling but you are not good enough. None of us are. If we were Jesus would never had to come and die, but he did because we are all sinners headed for hell. Scary? For some, yes. But for others who believe in Jesus and follow His commands there is no reason to fear because He is preparing a place in heaven for us. Because of Him we can stand and say "I am not worthy because of what I did, but because of what He did."

Now about the other part concerning not measuring up, just remember this one verse. Its very familiar. You probably have already memorized it. In Philippians 4:13 Paul very emphatically states "I can do all things," but it doesn't stop there. It also doesn't say "on my own." It says "through Christ who strengthens me." Isn't that thrilling? He is there to help! We aren't alone! We can fight Satan with confidence, because if we're on God's side, we have already won!

Monday, August 12, 2013

~Looking for sayings

Hey I have a question for ya'll. I was wondering if anyone has any horsie-related sayings or quotes to share with me. I was thinking of something with a good meaning, not just a silly girly thing like "Me and my horse we borrow freedom." Something that has a point. Just post them here. Please don't feel offended if I don't put them on. (I'm kinda picky.) Would love to hear from ya!


This is me.

Ok today I decided to tell a little more about myself. (I hate reading blogs where you never know what the person is like.) Ok that really isn't that important but I like to know things!

 I love music and singing, so I was so excited when I got a violin a year ago and started taking lessons. It is a bit later than most start, seeing that I'm almost 18. I'm just thankful that I can now! I wanted a violin pretty much all my life. You may be asking "Why didn't you just get one then?" Well my Dad tried to teach me to wait on God's timing for everything. My violin was no exception. But I have it now and I'm very glad my parents didn't breakdown and get me one earlier because I would have never learned the value of patience and waiting on God. Also I wasn't dedicated to things when I was younger and probably wouldn't have stuck with it as much. Now I understand so much better and I LOVE MY VIOLIN! Thanks Dad and Mom!

You all know that I like horses, another animal I'm fond of is kittens. But they are awful to take pictures of! They never sit still! I also make country crafts to sell. Maybe I'll post some pictures sometime.
  Oh! and I almost forgot! I love playing sports. Right now volleyball is my favorite. Ok thats it for now.

Friday, August 2, 2013

~His Princess

I love this book! If it were mine, I would have been underlining tons of stuff in it. (But its not. :( I’m borrowing it from my aunt.) I’ve been reading a page a day and I‘m almost done with it.

If you can, please click on the picture and read it.

 This page really spoke to me when I read it. God says he loves what he created, and He delights in ME! For a long time I really did struggle with not being good enough. I was terrified to try anything new for fear I wouldn‘t measure up. But my dad was able to show me lies of Satan I was believing, and how to get rid of them. He told me that anytime I was feeling down on myself, I needed to rebuke Satan and command Him to leave. Daddy couldn’t do it for me. I would say that was necessarily the easy part. The harder part was identifying all the lies and turning away from them. I found I had to be in a state of continually processing what I thought or believed and compare it to God’s word. To be able to realize the lies you are believing you need to know the truth, God's word.
   Do you know that if you don’t think you’re beautiful just the way God made you, you are believing a lie of Satan? It says in Ecclesiastes 3:11- “He hath made everything beautiful in His time.” If you think you were made wrong you are believing a lie? “I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” (Psalm 139:14) God loves you just the way you are-physically. Spiritually, we always have something we need to be working on. You are His priceless princess with a purpose! Don’t know what your purpose is? Seek him and He will show you His plans for your life. They are better than you could ever imagine!