Monday, August 12, 2013


This is me.

Ok today I decided to tell a little more about myself. (I hate reading blogs where you never know what the person is like.) Ok that really isn't that important but I like to know things!

 I love music and singing, so I was so excited when I got a violin a year ago and started taking lessons. It is a bit later than most start, seeing that I'm almost 18. I'm just thankful that I can now! I wanted a violin pretty much all my life. You may be asking "Why didn't you just get one then?" Well my Dad tried to teach me to wait on God's timing for everything. My violin was no exception. But I have it now and I'm very glad my parents didn't breakdown and get me one earlier because I would have never learned the value of patience and waiting on God. Also I wasn't dedicated to things when I was younger and probably wouldn't have stuck with it as much. Now I understand so much better and I LOVE MY VIOLIN! Thanks Dad and Mom!

You all know that I like horses, another animal I'm fond of is kittens. But they are awful to take pictures of! They never sit still! I also make country crafts to sell. Maybe I'll post some pictures sometime.
  Oh! and I almost forgot! I love playing sports. Right now volleyball is my favorite. Ok thats it for now.


  1. Hmm, well that first one didn't turn out too bad, did it? ;)

    I love the one of your violin! At first I was thinking, "did she actually take that one herself?" ;D I really like the lighting!

    Your auntie

  2. Actually I really liked the first one! (No kidding. I wouldn't have put it on otherwise! I'll have to get you to take pix more often. ;D) And yes I took the picture of my violin. I was feeling slightly prideful that day! Violins are so much fun to take pictures of! They are very photogenic!