Monday, August 19, 2013

~My Destiny

This song has been a terrific inspiration to me. I find when I'm feeling down on myself or discouraged I can turn and claim the truths in this song. (Songs and poetry touch my heart like nothing else. Except God.) This song so well depicts what God thinks about His children. Are YOU one of His? If you are, this is how he views YOU!
     YOU are chosen! New creation! Trophy of His grace! Do you claim that, or are you still wallowing in unbelief and lies that Satan hurls at you? Satan will tell you: you are not worthy, not good enough, and that you will never measure up. The truth may seem a bit startling but you are not good enough. None of us are. If we were Jesus would never had to come and die, but he did because we are all sinners headed for hell. Scary? For some, yes. But for others who believe in Jesus and follow His commands there is no reason to fear because He is preparing a place in heaven for us. Because of Him we can stand and say "I am not worthy because of what I did, but because of what He did."

Now about the other part concerning not measuring up, just remember this one verse. Its very familiar. You probably have already memorized it. In Philippians 4:13 Paul very emphatically states "I can do all things," but it doesn't stop there. It also doesn't say "on my own." It says "through Christ who strengthens me." Isn't that thrilling? He is there to help! We aren't alone! We can fight Satan with confidence, because if we're on God's side, we have already won!


  1. That sounds like a really nice song! Who sings it?

    1. I heard it from the Reuben Hostetler Family. They aren't really my style of singers but I do like their songs. And actually I don't think some of the words are right. I listened to them sing it and thats how I got the words. So some of places are a bit iffy...maybe I'll redo that picture sometime. Thanks for commenting! ~Heather