I love Knowing...

Hey I showed a little bit of my list on this post but decided to put on the rest here and add as I go. I'm working for 100 so I'm open for suggestions to add to my list of things "I love knowing" so just post them below!
They're not in any order. Simply how I thought of them.

Dear God,
I love knowing-

  1. That you will take care of me
  2. That you love me
  3. That you hold me in the palm of your hand
  4. That you want me set free and set apart
  5. That you always want what's best for me
  6. That you always keep your promises
  7. That you're always there for me
  8. That you desire my whole heart more than anything else
  9. That you are faithful (my favorite)
  10. That you are good all the time
  11. That you make shattered pieces into a complete vessel
  12. That you know everything about me
  13. That I'm special to you
  14. That I'm treasured by you
  15. That you don't mind my imperfections
  16. That I'm beautiful to you
  17. That you will never leave me or forsake me
  18. That you care about the little things
  19. That you have a plan for me
  20. That my heart is safe in your hands
  21. That you are in control when things look out of control
  22. That you hear my prayers
  23. That I never need to fear
  24. That even if I own nothing, with you I have everything
  25. That your plans are the best
  26. That I will never be alone
  27. That I can talk to you any time
  28. That you will never stop loving me
  29. That you have chosen me
  30. That you are the only way
  31. That you will never forget about me
  32. That your son died so I could live
  33. That I can always go to you with my problems and hurts
  34. That your ways work
  35. That there is such joy in your presence
  36. That you want to protect me
  37. That with you all things are possible
  38. That pain and suffering are to draw me to you
  39. That you can see the whole picture
  40. That you have the perfect man for me
  41. That you are still working on me
  42. That you won't give up on me
  43. That you never move
  44. That you are unchanging
  45. That I'm here for a purpose
  46. That you will keep revealing things to me
  47. That there is a reason for living
  48. That I can rebuke Satan and he will flee
  49. That you will answer when I call
  50. That mountain tops can be an everyday experience
  51. That you will always give me the strength I need
  52. That you will always make a way of escape
  53. That I'm here to glorify you
  54. That I can be victorious
  55. That you have already conquered
  56. That you have overcome the evil one
  57. That I can live above sin
  58. That there is peace when I'm in the center of your will
  59. That trials are to draw me closer to you
  60. That you died for everyone
  61. That you love everyone so I should too
  62. That I can't save people, but I can bring them to you
  63. That you always understand me
  64. That what people think of me isn't important
  65. That I'm complete in you
  66. That people can kill my body but they can't kill my soul
  67. That I was made in your image
  68. That I am your princess
  69. That you will deliver me in your time
  70. That my weakness is made perfect in your strength
  71. That I can trust you unconditionally 
  72. That my best isn't good enough, I need your best
  73. That you will never fail me
  74. That you are God
  75. That you bless those that honor you
  76. That your glory endures forever
  77. That your mercy endures forever
  78. That you want to show yourself strong on my behalf
  79. That your judgments are right
  80. That I can obtain your power
  81. That you think about me, little as I am
  82. That your thoughts are higher
  83. That your truth endures to all generations
  84. That there is forgiveness with you
  85. That you don't hold my sins against me once I have dealt with them
  86. That with you all things are possible
  87. That Satan only has as much control (over me) as I let him
  88. That you never give me more than I can bear
  89. That there will always be a way of escape 
  90. That you collect my tears


  1. Beautiful list! :) I just stumbled upon your blog... and I'm so thankful the Lord lead me here. I love this idea and I feel encouraged to create one. :) I've been reading through your posts and He sure does speak through you! :) He shines through you as well. Keep shining His light, sister. :) To add to your list.... I love knowing... that God collects my tears. -Psalm 56:8 "Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?" Thank you for letting the Lord encourage me, through you! I'll be following, and Lord willingly I'll be writing posts soon, as well. He has told me to start a blog... but I don't want to write unless it's His words, and His alone! Take care. :)

  2. Thanks for finding another one, and I hope you do start one of your own. I'll go add that one.
    Let me know when you start your blog. :) Keep pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling!

  3. That's great Heather. :))))) I was wondering....is it ok to make a quote with your blog name on it with the words below on your blog?(If you were deceived, would you know it)? Just asking because I'd like to post it because I thought it was clever but I wanted your permission first.

    1. Yep go right ahead! I think I sort of got it from a sermon I heard. Thanks for asking but I don't mind if use my stuff.

  4. Thank you Heather! Have a blessed day!

  5. Beautiful list!