Sunday, February 28, 2016


Is it hard for you to enjoy reading your Bible? It is for me...sometimes. Most times it seems I do it out of duty and not desire. Satan likes to tell me: its boring, they're old stories, you've read it all before. But how will I get to know God unless I put forth the effort? I WANT to read my Bible, but there always seems to be something else to do.
So I want to share with ya'll a few things I do to help myself understand His word and kind of get myself more interested.

1. Find some verses where God is speaking and put your name in there so He is speaking specifically to you.
2. Pray verses, pray chapters. Change the wording a bit so it is you speaking to God.
3. Look up the words that are confusing. See what they really mean.
4. Rewrite special verses so that they apply to you.
Something for you: Make an inspiration wall
  Write up some meaningful verses or quotes and arrange them on a wall where you will see them often. (I have one right next to my bed.) Change them after a while when you have them all memorized.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

~Snow snow snow...

Hey ya'll! A while ago I was waiting and waiting for snow. We were starting to feel like winter had missed us. Well not anymore. We got several snows now in the last few weeks and well...I'm ready for spring.
The horses have been doing really good in it though and I rode 5 times in the first two days of snow we had. I was really looking forward to pulling my sisters around in the snow with the horses and also to try snowboarding or skiing behind a horse.

The first day we rode in the snow it was so deep we ended up riding up and down the road in front of our house, which was plowed but still had snow covering it. It was so fun since we hardly ever ride on our rode.

Normally people drive anywhere from 55 to 65 on it, so it is not very safe for horses. I've done it a few times but found out that some people just ignore you and buz right on by without slowing much or giving me extra room. So yeah I don't like riding on roads much.

But since hardly anyone was out driving we rode the whole way to the end of our road which is somewhere around a mile and a half from our house. I rode Dunny and pulled Jess on a sled and Marcy rode Hank. It was an awesome experience. Mostly we walked or trotted but on some on the more level spots we cantered. There was always that thought in the back of my mind "What if we hit an icy spot?" but we didn't really have any problems. I don't think I give our horses enough credit for what they can do. They are so much more athletic than I think they are.

I love to snowboard and had seen some skijoring movies so I decided to try except with my board cuz I'm a lot better with that than I am with my skis.

Dad was so sweet and came out to pull me. It was actually harder than I thought. I think it was because it was plowed but still really bumpy.

Also I did a medieval dress-up with Kat which was so fun. Yes I still like dressing up. Hehe!

It was really deep though, most places the snow was up to Kat's knees. She was very ready to get back to the barn, which didn't help in taking pictures. She was always moving! We had Hank along to keep her company but patience has never been her strong suite.

                       Note to self: Need to work on getting Kat some patience.

All in all I have had some very good times in the snow with the horses, but I'm ready for spring! And grass, and warmer weather, and dry ground, and no mud, and...etc. (End of thinking capacity.)
 But I'm also reminded of the verse "In everything state I am, therewith to be content." So I will try to be content till spring and maybe even be thankful for all the snow we still have!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

~What is love?

Girls there is no man out there who can fulfill you. He doesn't exist. You see, when God created you, He left out a piece. From the day you were born you had an empty spot.
So many people go around trying everything they can to fill the emptiness. But things won't fill it. Pleasure won't fill it. Love won't fill it. There is only one answer and one way. It's through God. He holds the missing piece. He alone can fill it. He alone can satisfy. And He has the missing piece ready and waiting for you!
Oh He wants to give it to you! He wants you to have it!
But until you take your eyes off the feelings, emotions, things, and pleasures, He will be waiting. I don't know how long He'll wait. Only He does. Please don't keep Him waiting.
Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Is love just a feeling or a big red heart
A couple fondly kissing just before they break apart
Is love security from rejection and pain
In hopes that loneliness won't come creeping round again
Is that really love? Our culture seems confused
Because that's not the way that God shows its viewed
In the book of first John chapter four and verse eight
He spells it out clearly and quite plainly states