Sunday, November 6, 2016


God has challenged me with a thought this week, well really its a question. Its stuck with me and most mornings I've been waking up with it.
So its just this:
  What are you going to do in order to become what God wants you to be?
And then this question always follows it up:
  What are you NOT going to do in order to be what God wants you to be?
It comes down to putting on and putting off. I have to choose, what am I going to do today to make this day count? What am I NOT going to do to make this day count? Maybe "do" isn't the right way to phrase it. Its more about how much attention am I going to put on God or how am I going to let distractions hinder me from my calling? Because yeah, we have life to live, but there has to be that balance. Sometimes I'm just trying to fit God in when its convenient. But that is so wrong! As Christians our focus needs to be on Christ and our lives should revolve around that focus. God shouldn't be our second thought, or our next priority. He should be our first!
  So, are you making that choice?
  Will you step out and make that choice?

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  1. Thanks for this, Heather. This was really good--and it's a thought that comes to me a lot too although maybe in a different way.

    I know what you mean about fitting God in when it's convenient. And yes, that bothers me too. It tells me that I don't have a correct view of Him yet. So you can pray for me because I do want to make the right choices.