Wednesday, November 16, 2016

~Seek Me

I think it was just last week (or maybe two weeks ago?) when this happened. I was feeling like my cup was running out. And not in the overflowing way. Like the empty I need to be refilled kind of way. So I went for a walk so I could talk with God privately. I had a lot of questions. Any more I don't remember what they all were but I know what He answered. To the first question He gave a very distinct "Seek me." I thought "Ok that makes sense." So I asked Him another, and another, pouring my heart out to Him. Do you what He answered? Every time? Seek me. After about  4 or 5 questions with the same response you'd think I'd get the hint. (I'm a little denser than you might think.) I was just about to ask Him another when it finally struck me. You already have the answer. He's told you how many times now to seek Him! I seriously had to stop and laugh thinking how God must be feeling. I could almost imagine God sitting there with His hand under His chin. Him sighing and looking over at an angel standing by. "How many times do you think I'll have to tell her before she gets it?"
Thankfully that's just my humor! (I think!) But it definitely left me with an impression: No matter what I'm doing, or what I'm going through, seeking Him is always the answer! And I can still hear it:
Seek me

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Heather. I know that for me I will often try to struggle through and figure out things on my own first. Instead of doing this I ought to seek the Lord about it right away! He should be the first One I turn to.