Tuesday, October 18, 2016

~What's up with Sheika

So I don't think I ever told y'all this but I haven't been doing much (as in riding) with Sheika for the last couple months. Not because I didn't want to but because we got her bred and thought she was pregnant (Vet thought so too) but apparently she isn't. I'm sort of relieved though because I am so ready to get back on her. I saddled her up the other day and let her graze while I did it. She didn't even notice I put it on her and never had a problem with it even though I haven't saddled her in months! Hopefully I can start riding her again soon. Very soon. I don't want to start rushing but also winter is coming and that really slows my riding down. An indoor arena would be awesome...

So y'all, this was her last year...

and this is her now... much difference? I think so!

 She is turning out more beautiful than I thought she would.

Silly little girl wasn't crazy about standing around. 
But she soon got over it.

Check out our short little video. I didn't edit or anything.


  1. She's looking very good! That's kinda a bummer that she wasn't pregnant! Babies are so fun! But that is good that you can now ride her again soon since she isn't! Haha, my horse is TERRIBLE when tied ... he about digs a hole beneath him! ;P
    Enjoy riding her! ;)