Sunday, March 20, 2016

~A banquet for none

There He sat. Alone, except for the few attendants that stood ready at the edge of the banquet hall. The immense table was filled to overflowing with an unending supply of food; yet no one was there to enjoy it. Still the King waited; eyes on the door anticipating the arrival of a weary subject come to be filled at His table. But no one came. After a while the doors opened and in stepped a page. He walked very humbly over to where the King sat, but could hardly bring himself to look at His Lord.
  "You have news?" the King asked quickly.
The young page wet his lips before replying.
  "Your Majesty...they said they have no need of your banquet." he stopped seeming uncomfortable to go on.
  "They say they are quite content with scraps from the garbage."
The King sat there making no reply. Taking this as his dismissal, the page bowed low and quickly left.
  A single tear slid down the King's face. Then another and another till sobs wracked His whole body.
  One by one the attendants slipped out of the hall, not being able to bear seeing their Lord so hurt and rejected. The last thing they heard as the doors swung shut  was the agonizing plea of 
  "Oh my children! You don't know what I have to offer!"

I have to admit, too often I am content with the scraps and leave my Lord waiting alone at the table. I think "Well I read a few verses and I'll try to remember something from it through out the day."
And God is just like "I have so much to offer you! Joy overflowing, love beyond measure, and peace that passes your understanding. But you have to come to me for it."
Too often I am too lazy or think that I don't have enough time right now. I don't have enough time NOT to! I don't realize how much it truly hurts God when I don't come to Him. He doesn't mourn for Himself, He mourns for what I am missing out on. We can't afford not spending time with Him.
I have to remind myself that its not the quantity of time, its the quality of time!
Is spending time with God your number 1 priority?
Do you do it out of desire or demand?

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