Monday, April 18, 2016

~Prisoner by choice

The cell was dark and dreary. In the corner sat a girl. She did not look unhappy, but almost content; which is strange for someone in her position. Actually, she seemed oblivious to the chains that held her captive. Their names were fear and bitterness. She had grown rather fond of them. They were her constant companions. 
But one day, there was a rattle and a clinking of locks, and the cell door swung open. A man stepped in. He had such a kind look and way about Him.  
"Dear child," He spoke "I've come to tell you that I've paid to redeem you, and if you'll only come and follow me, you are free."
The girl looked around her, very confused. Then slowly she shook her head.
"I'm sorry, but I'd rather stay here. You see this is all I know, and it really isn't all that bad. I'm sure it would be too hard to leave all this behind."
The man grew very sober and tears welled up in His eyes. 
"It is your choice." He said then quietly left. 
She sat there for only a brief moment before turning back to her familiar world of fear and bitterness, not even caring that the cell door had been left open. Gradually, little by little, the door closed till it was once again shut and locked.
When would it open again? Would it ever?

Ok this may seem a little silly. Why in the world would anyone turn down an opportunity to freedom? Unless of course they didn't know the true bondage they were in. It makes me think and wonder "What things are in my life that I am in bondage to? That I am not willing to give up?" Are there areas in your life that you just wish you could have victory over? You can! If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, the cell door is open! You have to accept it and let it change your life so that you can walk through the door and into true freedom. You have the power through Jesus Christ to overcome any sin and to triumph over any stronghold.

He is the way
He is the truth
He is the life

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  1. Great and very thoughtful post, Heather!