Monday, September 9, 2013

~Does God have your heart?

Does God have your heart?
 Do you spend your time texting friends over sending God a prayer? 
Does God have your heart? 
Do worrisome thoughts rule your mind more than the comfort of God’s word?
 Does God have your heart? 
Does your conversation revolve around silly impractical things or on spiritual matters?
 Does God have your heart? 
Do you waste your time on immediate pleasures or on eternal riches? 
Does God have your heart? 
Do your actions show you’re a Christian or do they deny the creator? 
Does God have your heart? 
Do people want what you have or do they see yet another person trying to serve two masters? 
Does God have your heart? 

 Does God have your whole heart or just the pieces you allow him to have? If God doesn’t have your whole heart, what good are you to Him? If He doesn’t have your whole heart who has the other pieces? What areas have you given up to Satan? 
Your dress?
 Do you think “Well this is what everyone else is wearing so its fine.” Are you serving God with those thoughts or Satan? 
Your speech?
 Have you started using words that dishonor God because you hear them and think they’re “cool,” so you use them? Are you serving God with your words or Satan? 
Your friends?
 Are the people you hang out with, you friends because of their wholesome personalities and godly standards or because they are the “cool” ones, the “in” crowd? Are you serving God by the friends you hang out with, or Satan? 
 Your attitude?
 Does your attitude turn negative when your parents ask you to do something or caution you about something? Does your heart and appearance match up? Are you serving God by the way you respect your parents , or Satan? 
 Your thoughts? 
 Do your thoughts immediately turn negative when you see someone? Do you analyze the way they dress, and compare them with yourself? Are your thoughts honoring to God or Satan? 

I wrote these thoughts a couple years ago when I was struggling to deal with some things. So I am not saying that I have all this down now, but I am working on them. Please think about them and I would encourage you to analyze your life. Do any of these things describe how you are or make you think of an area you struggle with? If you do, please go talk to God about them. 
 –If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 

King of my Heart
 I have a King of my heart, 
Though to me He’s unseen.
 I can feel His love, 
For He’s kind and not mean. 

 He loved me so much,
 That He died so I’d live. 
The only requirement: 
My life to Him give. 

 So I gave Him my life, 
And now He is King. 
I’ll serve Him forever,
 His name honor, to bring.

 I know I’m not perfect, 
But I’ll try just the same. 
For He paid sin’s price,
 Come, lets praise His name!

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  1. Very encouraging, Heather. Thank you for posting.

    His Princess,