Saturday, February 22, 2014

~Sunshine Award

Recently I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by the Calico Sisters (very nice of them to think of me!) And make sure to check out their blog. :) So here are their questions and my answers. I'm not going to pass it on, though. Sorry! But here is a little bit about me!  

Q. What is your favorite thing to do when spring comes around?
A. RIDE! I wait all winter for spring to come so I can do more serious riding. Not just plugging around on the trails. Except then their is so much slop! Oh well dry weather will come sometime.

Q. What kinds of animals do you own?
A. 5 horses; Hank-mustang gelding, Ecco-paint mare, Kat-quarter horse mare, Dunny-quarter horse gelding, Dandy (not sure what he is!) gelding, and 3 cats that spontaneously multiply. 

Q. What experience in your life drew you close to God? / Or / In what way has God really revealed himself to you? 
A. Oh dear. Tough to pin-point just one thing. Well hunting with my Dad probably. I started when I was 12 and have done it every year since. We have had so many great talks about God, life, and what we believe, just by sitting in a shooting house waiting for deer to come. (I know I'm spoiled for hunting like that!)

Q. What is a favorite color of yours?
A. That's easy! Lime green!

Q. Do you like to knit, crochet, or sew the most?
A. I knit a little but definitely sewing. I enjoy especially sewing dresses and jumpers for myself. Also I found a super easy pocketbook pattern at Walmart and I like making them to sell.

Q. Which one is your favorite letters from the Apostle Paul (Corinthians 1 or 2, Galatians, Philippians, etc.)?
A. Probably Philippians. It has so many of favorite or familiar verses in it. One of my favorites is "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Very encouraging for when you're not feeling quite up to something. God is always there waiting to show Himself strong on our behalf.  

Q. What are some of your favorite old time shows? (Waltons, Little House, Andy Griffith, Father Knows Best, Christy) 
A. I really don't watch that many anymore but I guess I would say Little House on the Prairie. 

Q. What is your favorite thing to bake?
A. I really like EATING Lemon Bars so they are probably my favorite to bake! Actually I don't bake that much! Sewing is more of my avenue...and HORSES. Oh yeah and horses. 

Q. Skirts or dresses?
A. Either way! When I ride I usually wear skirts, like wide layered ones. Very nice and practical. Although I wear pants or leggings underneath because skirts tend to blow around when you are moving so much.    

Q. What household chore do you enjoy the most?
A. The dishwasher. Loading or unloading. I very much appreciate it because I hate washing dishes. :)

Q. City or country life?
A. Country. I enjoy being by myself. We do have neighbors that live within an acre of us but we have plenty of room behind us. I like all the fields around as well. Not city noise and traffic lights. 

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  1. Thanks so much for participating Heather!

    I love lemon bars too!! :) And green and horses.... :D

    a writer of Calico Sisters