Monday, April 14, 2014

~Why are you here?

Well I'll answer that right away with what I believe. You are here for a purpose!
1. For God's pleasure ~Revelation. 4:11
2. To bring glory and honor to Him ~Psalm 29:1
3. To bring others to the knowledge and truth of Him ~John 8:32
4. To help set souls free! ~John 8:36

Sooo, how can YOU do that?
I'd say all those points can be summed up in living a life totally dedicated to Him. Your complete life and total surrender to His will is the greatest gift you could give God. Even if you personally never "win a soul for the Lord," by living totally for Him you will have sown more seeds than you could ever imagine!

What can you do NOW?
-Dedicate your life to God
-Identify lies in your life
-Become free of those lies
-Share what God has shown you, to others
-Start mentoring someone (younger sibling? struggling friend?)

As you can see mentoring others was the last on my list. You can not be an effective witness for God until you have dedicated your life to Him and dealt with the sin and lies in your life.

What should be evident in my life after this?
-Peace that God is in control and knows what's best.
-Love for others, a deep care for their soul.
-Joy, God is so good you just can't help but be joyful!
-Patience through trials and with difficult people.

There are more but are you getting this? The fruit of the spirit is the evidence! Oh but there is one I have to add that isn't 'technically' a fruit of the spirit.

-Hope because God is on the throne and has already conquered!

Just remembering that one thing can keep you from despair and depression.
God is always faithful!
Will you be?

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