Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~Are you willing?

We are all faced with this question. Are we willing to be used by God? Where ever He leads, will you follow? Where ever He sends, will you go? Do you know that if you are a Christian you have already answered this question? When you accepted Christ into your heart and life you agreed to let Him be the guide. So are you living by that? 
What do you consider is being used of God and serving Him? Helping out an elderly person? Giving money to a needy family? Yeah those are definitely good things, but if that is all you do, you're not entirely allowing God to use you. Both those examples were physical needs. So what about spiritual needs? How often do you minister to people's heart and soul instead of their bodies? There are sick and dying people everywhere. The problem is that there are even more spiritually sick and dying people out there going to hell every day. Yes, God does ask us to help others sometimes by...mowing their lawn, but really what lasting good is that if we don't stop to take the time to encourage them and show them we care? 
 Jesus asked Peter "Do you love me?" And of course Peter said "Yes." How did Jesus respond? He said "Then feed my sheep." I don't think He meant physically.  

A Higher Calling
I'm here for a purpose, I'm here with a calling
To encourage the week, and lift up the falling
God's counting on me to trust and obey
And with His help I'll go all the way

I'll give my mouth to being His voice
My hands I'll give to His sovereign choice
My feet to go where He wants me to be
My eyes to have pity on lost souls I see

My heart to those that are hurting within
And show truth to those that are struggling with sin
So Lord I ask for strength from you
To continue my journey, your will to do


  1. Wow - what a thought provoking post! Thanks for such a solemn reminder!

    Oh, to be like Jesus more!

  2. Wonderful post! I've been thinking on these things lately myself and am wanting to share the Lord more with the people I meet. We are the Bible the world is reading! Thanks for sharing!
    I awarded your blog, btw! :) Keep up the great work!