Thursday, July 10, 2014

~Peace I leave with you

"Peace I leave with you"
The Father says to me
"Not as the world giveth
For I give freely

Let not your heart be troubled
I'm bigger than any fear
Do not be afraid
For I am always near

Will you please just trust?
I'm waiting to show my power
Just cry out to me, child
I'm listening every hour

You don't know how it hurts
When you do not come to me
If you look into my face
The tears in my eyes you'll see

My body was scarred for you
Yet you seem not to care
You go to all your friends
But don't come to me and share

Yes, I do know them already
But I want to hear your voice
I want you to come to me
I want it to be your choice

Forcing you is not my will
I just simply call
But if you do not heed my voice
I will cease to speak at all

You don't know how long I'll wait
So please don't delay
My face will light up with a smile
When you come to me and pray"

God can take care of you. Do you believe that? He can take care of your money and your health, your family and your things. He is all powerful. He is all mighty. So many times we limit God because we do not believe he can do everything. We don't ask Him to help our financial situation, but we will go to a bank and get a loan. We don't go to Him begging to know why we have a sickness and for Him to heal it, but we do run to the doctor and get a prescription to fix it. What are we telling Him when we do that? Do we really trust God? Do we really cast our cares upon Him? Because He does care for us and wants to show us He cares. We need to put down our feelings of relying on man for help and let God show us His power.
  Now I'm not saying going to the doctor is wrong but first I would encourage you to ask God: Is there a reason why you are letting this happen? or Is this a consequence for allowing some sin in my life? Everything boils down to our relationship with God. Are we where we are supposed to be?
Is my heart right with God?


  1. Beautiful blog post!! I just started following you and look forward to more posts! ♥

    Julia Ryan

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked it and pray that it could be an encouragement to you!

  2. Wow, that's a really nice poem! Did you write it?

    1. Yeah. At night when I'm laying in bed my mind just keeps going. Lots of my posts are done that way. I guess it's mainly because that's the time I can just be quiet and let God speak to me or let my heart speak to God. Poetry is really beautiful to me so when I'm feeling really burdened by something I normally turn it into a poem! It's kinda a way I express myself. :)

  3. This poem is absolutely beautiful! :) Wow.... the Lord has sure given you a wonderful talent. Keep using it to serve and glorify Him! Thank you for writing the poem, as it spoke to me! How true is it?! Sometimes I run to my husband before I do to my God.... heartbreaking, isn't it? He needs to be number one in our lives-He loves us most, and isn't He more than deserving? Thanks again. :) May I share this poem on Facebook? I will of course let them know the author of the poem. :) What would I list as a last name?

    1. Thanks so much for all your encouragement! Yes that's fine. And my last name is Lehigh. Blessings!