Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~Riding Dunny

Hey I rode Dunny today and Tashia came out to take some pix for me!
She did a really good job! I am so happy with these pictures! Thanks Tash!
Although some did get a little blurry or not quite focused but we were moving a bunch so it's understandable.

We ended up taking a bunch!

I started off doing some groundwork with him first since I haven't done it in a while, but mainly just for fun! I do what Clinton Anderson calls "Lunging for respect and roundpenning for respect." It pretty much consists of directing the horse, keeping it's mind on you and disengaging the hindquarters. Since starting to use this method Dunny has really calmed down and started trusting me more. He still doesn't trust much at all but there is progress. He's a very tense horse so I like these exercises to get him relaxed before I ride. I don't do it every time. Just when I feel like it. I'd encourage you to go watch  some of Clinton's stuff. Especially his walkabouts. I've never seen them in person but I watched it on his TV channel.  

I had a bunch of small logs lade out in a circle and lunged him around them. He was a bit dopy though. He doesn't pick up his feet as much as he should.

Good boy!

Working on disengaging the hindquarters. I usually start off by doing this. I learned it from watching some of Clinton's stuff. I start by tipping his head back to me a bit, while encouraging him to move his hindquarters around. I either swing my whip a little or tap him on the rump. It's just like swiveling on the front end instead of the back. Because he they should just pivot on the front end. 

Then on to tacking up. He's such a good boy I don't need to tie him. Unless maybe if we were standing in grass, THEN we might have a bit of a problem. He can't resist eating! (Can't you tell!) When I was cinching him up I was like "You are FAT!"
Dunny knew how to ground tie when we got him so I didn't have to teach him that, but I have been training some of my other horses to. I start off by stopping them and dropping the lead to the ground. Maybe pet on them a bit and tell them to "stay," I like to use a hand signal with it. Usually I just hold up a hand when I say that. Not a limp hand. You need to have it stiff like you are commanding something. Then take a few steps away. If they stay standing, go back and tell them "good", pet them, what ever your reward is. If they do move to follow you or walk away, taker the leadrope and back then up to where you had them and do the same thing again till you can walk away, around, behind, what ever direction you want but that they stay there. Don't get frustrated. I'll take some time but if you keep at it your horse is sure to get it!  

I then warmed him up and did a good bit of cantering.
Yeah I ride forward. He is kinda hard to sit on when he's worked up. His strides are pretty surging until I can get him to collect. He likes to keep his head up though so I do need to work on lowering it a bit. A lot of fine tuning, but isn't that riding for ya?

On to jumping we go!! Nothing big, but I think it's fun! When I was younger a friend taught me how to jump English and ever since then I've been hooked! I can normally just feel when I need to rise and don't really have trouble going along with him. And yes you can jump western just watch out for the horn!


And a bit more jumping!

Did I mention that I like jumping?? Ok I guess you get the idea!

  • Do you like jumping? 
  • English or Western?
  • Have you taken lessons?
  • What riding and training style do you use?


  1. Great pictures! Clinton Anderson is awesome... Still needing to do my post on the walkabout tour. :) Keep up the good work, beautiful house BTW!

    1. Yeah I love Clinton's methods! Hope to see your post soon! And thanks, I think he's gorgeous too!

  2. Great pictures Heather! (Photographer did a good job too) =D

    1. Hah I thought you might comment! Yeah Tash did really good! She's starting to get the hang of horse pix! I'll make a horse photographer out of her yet!

  3. Wow awesome pics! I love riding...I've ridden quite a bit and I ride mostly bareback on a friend's horse, who has taught me much. But I ride Western and English as well. Your horses are beautiful!

    1. That's neat that you have a friend to help you! I don't have many close horsy friends! I enjoy English too, but Western is definitely my thing!

  4. I came over to check out your blog :) You are very right, it is a bit of a rarity to find another conservative girl who is into horses as much as us. I have been checking out your blog and have enjoyed it so far.

    1. Aww thanks for stopping by! Hope you keep enjoying it!

  5. DID I JUST LEAVE YOU A COMMENT?!? *gasp* lol I'm glad these pictures turned out OK! I mean, I'm a pretty good photographer!! lol