Monday, March 9, 2015

~The War for Mansoul-book review

“A John Bunyan classic as told by Ethel Barrett”

“It’s not just a story to read-it’s an experience. And when you’ve read it, you will be filled with wonder-at how little you love God-and how much He loves you…” 
                                                                                            -Ethel Barrett
The Main Characters

  • King Shaddai, who is God
  • Prince Emmanuel, who is Christ
  • The Lord High Secretary, who is the Holy Spirit
  • Diabolus, who is Satan
  • Mansoul, who is YOU  

 I think I mentioned it before but I’ll say it again “I love allegories!” I love how Characters in a story can represent spiritual aspects from our lives. (I also love stories with castles and kings and dragons!)
  “The War for Mansoul” is kind of a simple looking book published by Christian Light Publications.
  Come with me now as I show you a glimpse of the town of Mansoul.
  It’s a beautiful place. So very cheery and…peaceful. The streets are full of happy people who have no fear. For Mansoul is the very delight of King Shaddai, who created it simply for His pleasure and glory.
  To lead the town, King Shaddai has established five leaders: Lord Mayor Understanding, Lord Willbewill (Will), Mr. Conscience, Captain Resistance, and Lord Innocency.
Also right off in the beginning you enter the lair, the pit of doom, the residency and headquarters of the evil Diabolus who is once again plotting the overthrow of Shaddai. But I’ll stop there so as not to give away anything. 

  I find it so fascinating the play on words they use for all the names (You always know the villains because their names give them away!) such as: Captain Conviction, Mr. Justice, Mr. False Peace, Mr. Carnal Security, and the list goes on! It put a whole new light on things for me.
  One person stood out in particular: Lord Willbewill. He could be one Mansoul’s greatest leaders or worst enemy. Will had the choice to please his flesh or his King. And that is so true! I want to please God. I want to love and serve Him with all my heart, but then I also want what I want. You can’t have both and that is very evident as the story goes on. Oh yes, Will thinks he is serving Shaddai, but he is really only serving his flesh. He loved to think “I am the master of my own fate!” And speak it too. Diabolus just loved it. Mansoul only needed to believe one lie and they had given Diabolus the key to overthrowing their entire town.
  As I’m sure we all know, the story doesn’t end there, for Prince Emmanuel pays the price to redeem the town and restore it to His Father. 
  And no, it’s still not over because Satan never gives up, he just waits for a time when they let their guard down. So the story continues as the town officials learn to rely on the Lord High Secretary and guard against Diabolus and his evil henchmen.
  Yes, it’s suspenseful and dramatic, but also very eye opening. I pray that as you read it, you would allow God to show you areas of your life where you have let in Diabolonians without knowing and root them out with all diligence!   

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