Monday, March 16, 2015

~Finding that someone

No one can help everyone,
But everyone can help someone.
So stop focusing on the everyone,
And start looking for the someone!

I’m sure we’ve all felt that way at one point or another. God is just so great and you feel that you HAVE to share it, take it to the people and have it make a big impact!
  Don’t get me wrong. By all means share it! And I do believe that some people are called to share the gospel and God’s love in a “big” way, but for most of us that isn’t His plan. I’m not telling you to downgrade your focus but to place it where God intends it to be. To bloom where you are planted!
  Step back and look at your life. Think about those you come into contact with ever day. Friends…siblings (just for starters) they are your ministry right now! Especially for us single girls, they are the people we are to share God’s love with. There is not a person you come into contact with who you couldn’t encourage in some way. Maybe a word of encouragement, an act of love, or something as simple as a sincere smile or greeting.
  Just remember, Godly encouragement will always point back to God. That is ultimately what it is for. To bring glory and honor to Him. And in that way (Yeah to us it may feel small and insignificant, but we never know what lasting impact it may make on someone’s life.) we are doing exactly what God has called us to do: be bearers of His light!

You can only make a difference in others’ lives if you have allowed God to work in yours. Have you?

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  1. "There is not a person you come into contact with who you couldn’t encourage in some way." I really like that line, Heather - and it's so true! Thanks for this inspiring post... And I like the photo too. :)
    Have a great day & God bless!