Wednesday, April 8, 2015


 What is it to truly love? Is loving someone simply putting up with them, overlooking their faults maybe?
   I say I love people. I love my family. But do I show it. I once heard someone say that 
“Saying I love you is like saying: 
I will never intentionally hurt you. 
I will always do what is best for you. 
I want you to be everything God wants you to be.”
  I don’t believe you truly love someone when you feel you have to put up with them. Love isn’t a burden. It’s a gift from God that we are privileged to share. God gave His absolute best for each and every one of us. That should be our model.
  But then people aren’t perfect so sometimes they will do things that annoy us. Right then we need to stop and ask ourselves: who are we focusing on? Love doesn’t focus on itself, it focuses on the needs of others.
  Love also doesn’t overlook sin. How could it? Could love truly look at a person’s life and say “I know what you are doing is a violation to God. I know that it is separating you from God, and I know that it could send you to hell, but I won‘t say anything because I don‘t want to offend you.”  No.
   So how much do you love those around you?    
  Is your love real or just a convenient replacement?


  1. Yes Heather! Love is not overlooking those sinful habits or doings! It is overlooking that you are not perfect and still learning and growing, and your physical blemishes, but cherishes the inward man. Love will correct you so that you can grow. Not ignore it. Oh, it may hurt your feelings for a time and it may break your heart, but it is for your good, not for your so called "self esteem". So many people have perverted the word "love' and it's thrown all around. Free love, free whatever. No, no no!!! The most perfect love is God's love. How great that His love reaches us and enables us to be saved by Jesus Christ!
    Thanks for sharing, Heather. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Aww thanks for your comment! Love all that you said! Haven't been on much at all lately. :( Sorry it took so long to publish your comment.
      Keep trusting Him!

    2. Hello Heather,
      Don't worry. That's ok. :) Hope all is well with you!
      -Danni (my nickname)