Monday, August 10, 2015


Let me introduce our newest member to our horse collection- "Sheika aka Sissy"

 She's 3 and has absolutely no training. When we went to pick her up I had to teach her to lead.
Her coloring is cremello and she has really neat light blue eyes but she has the pink around them and the nose, which I'm not real crazy about.

 She does have pretty blue eyes though.

 She's really quiet and she loves to follow me around. I keep forgetting how green she is when I'm around her. I pretty much treat her like all the rest when I should be watching her more. How quiet she is, is really why I got her, because we figured she would be a good first trainer.
So as I said she is my first horse to start and train on my own. In some ways it's intimidating but in other ways simply challenging. I did four sessions in the round pen with her so far. She is doing great and I plan to finish her up in there soon. She is a very fast learner and just wants to please you.

 I love how calm and laid back she is except when she doesn't feel like moving much. Then you have to work to get her motivated. When we first led her over to the fence to meet our other horses she marched right up and stuck her nose in their faces. Obviously she isn't intimidated by other horses! She squealed at them a little but hasn't been silly like some mares are.

As you can probably tell, I'm really happy with her. She is pretty photogenic too. Except she likes to come right up to see what you're doing. Silly girl! I've never had a horse this color to take pictures of before. But it's really fun because she stands out so much.
 My dad recently got me Clinton Anderson's "the Fundamentals" kit and I am planning to use that completely on her. Let me just say "the kit is amazing!" Totally worth the money. Clinton does an extremely thorough job at explaining and making sure he doesn't miss anything.


I wanted to get a picture of her next to the boys to show how little she is but it didn't happen. Anyway I'm so glad she's finally here!


  1. She's gorgeous! Make sure you keep sunscreen around that skin! :)
    If I may say this- Clinton Anderson is a great trainer but he's very into gimmicks. A lot of his training ways are very gimmicky and sometimes irritate the horse more than actually help them. Check out Buck Brannaman, he is an amazing horseman (He'll say horseman, not a trainer! I love it haha) and he's just an overall really brilliant guy when it comes to horse's.

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah she's been out all summer and doesn't look too bad (as in burnt) but I'll have to keep an eye on her. I've never had a light horse like her before. Yeah I've seen Buck some and liked what I saw. But I really do like Clinton's stuff, the biggest thing for me is that it works. Sheika loves being with me like no other horse I've had. She's doing really good with round penning and so far have only saddled her once. Looking forward to riding her but want to make sure I'm not rushing her!
      Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great pictures of her! She sounds like a sweetie. :) Have fun training her!

    1. Thanks, I will! :D She is a sweetie!

  3. She is a really beautiful horse.
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    I hope you will enter my Bible or Scripture card giveaway! :)
    Love in Christ,

  4. You are going to do absolutely great with her Heather!! She is SO pretty!
    My brother is crazy about "white" horses! Just wait until I show him Sheika!

    Y.E.S. Clinton Anderson is the BEST! We love how funny he is! I am training my horse Bo, and my miniature Bob with his method, and they are coming along very well!
    Anyways, good luck with your horse training!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! That's so sweet! Which one likes white horses? I had fun trying to figure out what Rylan was always saying to me, and Joshua was very sweet.
      Yes I'm really loving Clinton's fundamentals. AMAZING!

    2. Elias does! : )
      Yeah, Rylan and Joshua are so sweet! And Rylan, wasn't he just adorable!!!
      Would've been so much fun to see you and Tashia, maybe sometime in the future.

  5. Wow she is very pretty! I love her colour! :))))) You'll do fine I'm sure! Clinton is good at what he does I've heard, and I'm sure she'll turn out! She seems to be a very good prospect! :) Sorry I haven't been on...so busy lately!

    1. Thanks for your confidence in me! She is doing great under saddle now! I'm proceeding with groundwork for a while before I ever get on. Busy...yes I understand that!