Sunday, November 22, 2015

~Sheika's first ride

We did it! Yesterday I rode Sheika for the first time! It was awesome, she did great. No problems, no bucks. NOTHING! I felt like I could just pick up and go with her...but you can't it's only her first ride. Correct training and preparation for the horse is sooooo worth it! We walked in tight circles first making sure she's calm and thinking and gradually quit circling and just walked straight. After that we cantered! She's more on the lazy, laid back side so it was harder to keep her going. At the end I got her to canter two complete laps without stopping. So I was pumped!
Lesson learned - Don't rush, take your time and wait for your horse to tell you it's ready.
  I did it Clinton Anderson style with my dad directing from the middle. Down Under Horsemanship all the way!! I am so happy with the results. Crazy to think I actually trained her!

It was windy as you can probably see. Poor girl is very dirty. Light horse problems. :(  

Just got off and soooo happy


  1. That is awesome,Heather!!How long did it take you to train her?

    1. I've had her about 4 months and I've tried to work with her a couple times a week. I NEVER could have done it without Clinton's help. Or for that matter God's! He gave me the perfect horse to start on.

  2. Yay, that's GREAT! :) Happy for your first ride going well!

    1. I am so excited how well she is doing. I did 2 more rides this week and she's still doing just as good. She kinda seems like she's just decided to accept whatever I throw her way. I'll have to put on some moving photos and hopefully a movie will be appearing soon!