Friday, December 4, 2015

~Riding Sheika movie

Hey everyone! Here is a movie of me working with Sheika. It's kinda a run down of all I do with her and how she acts. So if it gets too boring you can skip through. I'm so happy with how she's doing! Now you guys can see why. The only real problem I have so far is that she is a bit lazy. Which is kinda funny because I normally like higher energy horses. Ok Ok there really haven't been that many horses that I didn't like...so...yeah.


  1. Wow, you have done so great with her!! It looks like she was sent to the academy and then back to you! You did GREAT!
    Does your Dad help you? How many siblings do you have? Sorry for the questions ( :
    Keep up the good work! And remember, lazy horses (can) be better than energetic ones! Though, one of our fat, lazy, horses would rather buck his legs off instead of lope. I guess that's when we have to get him to lope on the lunge line, or send him to the academy.
    Really, there is pros and cons with both types, but no matter what, if you do everything Clinton tells you (in the right order) you are SURE to have an awesome horse!!!! (:
    Again, keep up the good work because it is worth it in the end! Patience is the key.
    Love, <3

  2. Thanks Paige! Oh no she's not an academy horse! She's not THAT good. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have Clinton work with you personally.
    Um yes, my dad rides and helps me. Mainly he gives advice because he normally doesn't have time. He watches Clinton's stuff with me and we discuss it together then. I still think I like more energetic horses. Lazy ones can have the more challenging attitude, because they really don't want to work. I have never had to deal with a horse that really challenged my authority...yet. Hopefully it never has to happen. That's one thing I do worry a little bit about when I'm working with other people's horses.
    Oh and I have four sisters. My older sister is married so I'm the oldest at home.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. That's awesome! I watched the whole thing because it was very interesting! You've come a long ways! I wish that I could do that some day. ;) You are blessed and I'm happy for you. :) Congrats on such a good job! LOL...just some horses are like that.