Friday, December 18, 2015

~Truth was found

There she stood condemned
She knew that she would die
They had caught her sinning
There was nothing to deny
But the one she stood before
Stooped down to the ground
And there He began to write
And that's where truth was found
He said "The one without sin
can cast the first stone."
But no one could answer
So they left her alone
And there He forgave her
And told her sin no more
To go on her way
But not like before
Because now she knew the truth
And how it could set free
She had a choice to make
But what would it be?
I'm sure that she left Him
In wonder and awe
Emotion engulfing her
From the love that she saw
But what of her choice?
That I can't say
I only hope
That she chose God's way
So what about you?
Are you choosing His way?
If you haven't yet
Why not start today? 


  1. Did you write this? It's really powerful. I can just imagine it as a song...

  2. This poem is so encouraging and inspiring, did you write this? It is amazing!
    <3 Paige

  3. Yeah I wrote it. I like taking stories from the Bible and turning them into poems. :)

  4. Wow. You are amazing! Good had gifted you with a most amazing gift, Heather!
    Keep it up, it is so beautiful!

  5. Good job Heather. I love that story in the Bible how Jesus forgave her! XD