Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~Is Jesus enough?

   In church on Sunday, as the minister was preaching, he asked a question and it kinda stuck with me. It was: Is Jesus enough? Well I'd like to think He is. But do I live like that's true?
   We were away for two weeks and just got home on Friday. While we were having devotions one morning, Dad asked us how we would be if, while we were gone, our house burnt down and all we had left was what we brought along. My mind immediately went to: Were the horses in the fire? (But I didn't say that. It was just a thought.) As I sat there thinking I told God "I gave the horses to you a long time ago. So if you need to take them, you can." And that is where I try to keep my heart, totally surrendered to God's will.
  Now back to the question: Is Jesus enough?
  If God chose to take my family?... I know the only way I could make it through something like that is because I have a God who loves me enough to do only whats best for me. And I could accept that because He knows whats best.
   So, do I live like Jesus is enough?

  • Do I have to go shopping all the time, to make me happy?
  • Do I run to other people (or even my horse) when something goes wrong? (Instead of God.)
  • Do I continually have to be hanging out with friends, finding new hobbies, or fun entertainment?
  • Am I satisfied with knowing that God loves me more than any man ever could?
So now that I've said that, you all know that I know that. If God is enough it would make me realize that this life isn't about me, but about Him. It would also mean that I am here for a reason.
   That reason? To show others that Jesus is enough.

               Is He enough for you?

Oh by the way 'Happy Thanksgiving!' Lets take advantage of it and be thankful all the time!


  1. Thanks for this thought provoking post! I'm so thankful that God can be enough!