Monday, December 15, 2014

~ To Compromise

  Satan is out to get you. (I hope you realize that by now.) He wants you no matter what, no matter the method he has to use. He hates to see revival in your life and he will fight for you even harder when he sees it happening. Satan comes to you saying that he only wants to make a deal with you. He will give you peace and prosperity, he says, but who is talking? The Bible calls him "the father of lies." You can NOT listen, cling to God's word! Satan may promise freedom, but in the end, it is only bondage that you are left in.
  You do not need to fear him! You can not compromise because compromise always takes away the glory of God. His word is not negotiable. It is firm. It is true. You are loosing ground to the enemy with every single itty-bitty compromise you make.
 That outfit is modest enough, isn't it?
It won't really matter that much.
I can do it just a little bit. 
No one would ever know.
  If you ever find yourself talking or thinking along these lines, you are dabbling in compromise, and God is obviously not in the center of your life, nor is He being honored. It is sin. Will you admit that? Will you repent and turn away from it? True repentance is always followed by obedience. 
  To sum it up, yes, Satan will fight to get you back, but God is stronger! He has already won! Cling to Him, live in accordance to His word, and you will conquer!   


  1. Great post Heather! I do it sometimes too....much as I hate to confess. Thanks be to God who has given us the victory! Have a great day Heather,

    1. Yeah I know there are times that I think something really won't matter...but it does. I've got to fight now to take back the ground I've lost.
      Yes! Praise God for the victory we can receive through Him!
      Oh victory in Jesus! My Savior forever, He sought me and bought me, with His redeeming blood!.....can't remember the rest! But I love that song!

    2. I've heard that song too but I can't remember either! Have a blessed evening....God can give you strength to overcome the temptation! :)

  2. p.s I Love your new blog heading! You both look great! :)

    1. Thanks! I've decided to try and do one for each season! I've got ones that I like for fall and winter but not yet for spring and summer. I'll have to keep working on it!